skaterboarder magazine in the 1970s is the ideal aesthetic

Tyler The Creator - She (Feat. Frank Ocean)
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She by Tyler, the Creator feat. Frank Ocean


Wearing makeup or not wearing makeup shouldn’t have to be this big political statement, but it is, and that’s so immensely fucked up

im so dead for 2008 ezra right now can you believe

what the FUCk

Jonas Brothers - Pizza Girl
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whats the point of writing songs anymore when you know that they will never compare to come on eileen


im sorry but idk why so many of you guys put any faith in these grimy garage band dudes anyways? they all seem fishy and they keep proving how gross they are what do you expect for greasy punk dudes???? go listen to drake

Kanye West - Love Lockdown
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Kanye West | Love Lockdown

you might see me on the dash but shawty you don’t know me


the best of boys in crop tops